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Did IRS Agent Visit your home of Office?

You can never be too careful or too prepared when it comes to taxes. When running a small business, or simply living of a paycheck, you are likely in need for assistance along the way to help you stay organized.

Despite what many people think, hiring a tax professional; whether an accountant, an enrolled agent, a tax preparer for tax preparation, or a tax law attorney; is not for big businesses only. Having a good relationship with a tax professional, can keep you out of trouble and away from the IRS’s radar.
Hiring a IRS tax attorney, or a tax preparer should be part of your budgeting process. Businesses usually rely on accountants and attorneys to help up in their everyday business transactions.

Whether for business or personal taxes, you are probably familiar with accountants during tax season. Accountants, enrolled agents or tax preparers provide a wide range of general and advanced services from financial and tax planning, general bookkeeping to audit assistance.

On the other hand, tax attorneys understand the finer detail of tax law and can assist clients with estate related tax returns, tax requirements for complicated business start-ups, payroll and employee taxation issues, filing of lawsuits against the IRS, criminal IRS investigations, negotiate on your behalf with the IRS and tax fraud and evasion cases.

At Moore and Affiliates, PLC, we closely work with other tax professionals and maintain contact on regular bases so we can provide outstanding professional services to our clients. 714-541-2500

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