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Tax laws control most of the business forms and contractual relationships under which we operate. The formation and operation of corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships have particular and complex tax consequences. In fact, all business reorganizations, sales transactions, leasing transactions, employer-employee arrangements, real estate transactions and other business events or relationships require tax advice specifically tailored to place the taxpayer in the most beneficial position. At Moore & Affiliates, PLC, we provide comprehensive business and tax advice.

Our firm has been successful in the reduction of tax matters for a multitude of clients. In some of our most successful cases, we have settled tax cases for less then $.02 on the dollar. In one case, the taxpayer owed $800,000.00 and we settled it for $5,000.00. In another case, the taxpayer owed over $300,000.00 of payroll tax. That liability was settled for $3,000.00.

On other occasions, we have used tax refunds that IRS was entitled to take, due to outstanding liabilities, to settle tax liabilities. We have also resolved a number of cases in which IRS imposes Trust Fund Penalties against our clients for Trust Fund (payroll) Tax. We pride ourselves in being an aggressive advocate for the taxpayer. We believe that there is always something that can be done to alleviate each taxpayer's problem.

Our firm can resolve almost all tax problems. 99.5% of all tax issues can be resolved to the benefit of the taxpayer. There is a large likelihood that we can settle your tax liabilities, even payroll tax. We have repeatedly been successful in stopping wage levies. Sometimes we can use the Bankruptcy laws to immediately stop the IRS or State taxing agencies. We can do this even if you are in a payment plan.

Furthermore, or firm reviews all payment plans and we usually revise those payment plans, lowering the amount due as well as allowing more of the payment to be applied towards principle rather than interest or penalties.

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