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Moore & Affiliates, APLC, can offers employer representation with employment laws such as hiring, terminations, overtime, family leave, accommodating disabled workers, performance reviews, preventing illegal harassment and discrimination, overtime, drug testing, references, employment policies and practices, and much more.

We can help you defend current lawsuits and avoid lawsuits in the future, boost morale, and implement smart employment practices to give your business a competitive edge. Our firm has experience and has been successful in labor board hearings, labor appeals and State court matters.


In the litigious society we live in today, most employers have created and implemented an employee handbooks. Adopting an employee handbook carries with it many advantages for overall company stability and provides employers added defenses in employment law claims that may arise in the future such as employement law discrimination. One of the advantages of an employee handbook is that it promotes effective communication of key employer policies with applicable laws. A handbook promotes uniform and consistent treatment of employees and eliminates the need for supervisors and managers to make arbitrary decisions as well.

Some of the provisions that a handbook should include is a right to revocation provision, a disclaimer, a harassment policy, and a policy on discipline and absenteeism. This is also a good opportunity to present your company in a good light to your employees by adding benefits mandated by law.

A company handbook is an excellent medium to establish a policy as to internal and external emails. Additionally, including that the employee does not have a right to privacy in his or her emails. This section should also include lay-offs, leaves of absence in addition to FMLA, meal and rest breaks, promotions and transfers, and sick and vacation time. Each employer has individual needs and unique considerations in its workforce. It is important to consult your attorney and have a handbook specifically for your company.

Handbooks are a great source of defense in potential employment claims. Drafting a well thought out personalized handbook is important to all businesses, big and small.

If you have any employment law questions or you feed the need to hire a employment law firm, don't wait and call Moore and Affilialites,PLC, 714-541-2500, employment lawyers who have handeled many employment cases wth a great success.

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