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Appeal officers are most likely to be more experienced than the Revenue Agents who handle the audits. A big number of disputed audits settle during the appeal process. Therefore it is crucial to be assisted by an expert who understands the procedure and have appealed many cases before, to help you through out the process.  If you don’t agree with the IRS audit recommendation, Mr. Moore, JD, LLM can represent you in appealing your case. 714-541-2500

The Taxpayer neither the IRS want to litigate these matters due to the expense, the long process, and the risk of unfavorable outcome. IRS is not favorable in litigating these matters because a lost case sets a precedent that could cost the IRS for years.

An experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable tax attorney will make all the difference in the settlement offered to you during the appeal process, and will maximize the opportunity to lose for the IRS. To avoid such situation, the Appeal offices will rather avoid the courtroom and look for a settlement. Mr. Moore, JD, LLM,will make sure in such situation that the settlement is favorable and reasonable to your situation.

The Appeal Officer issues a “Notice of Deficiency” when the matter is not settled at appeals, and the Taxpayer has 90 days to file the petition in the U.S. Tax Court. By filing the petition at the U.S. Tax Court, the Taxpayer is not required to pay the alleged tax owed. However, if the petition is not filed within 90 days from the mailing date of the “Notice of deficiency”, the proposed tax changes, interest and penalties become assessed and owed.

Terry Moore, has over sixteen year of experience with the IRS, and obtained great results to his clients when dealing with the IRS, whether in appeal, in settlement or at the court. He will answer your questions on how to file an appeal and explain what is a tax audit.

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