Orange County Bankrutpcy Attorney

Figuring out how to file bankrutpcy, understanding what is Chapter 7 bankruptcy or how to hire bankruptcy lawyers can be very tricky. If you file your own Bankruptcy and fail to properly exempt your assets, you can lose them in the process.

It is very difficult to get out of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy after you have filed your petition. That is why, it is crucial to know the rules before filing any Bankruptcy.

Very oftern clients will look for cheap bankruptcy lawyers or even non qualified bankruptcy prepares to handle their petition. The Bankruptcy Courts discourage paralegals from helping people file Bankruptcy. A paralegal cannot give you legal advice as to whether you are properly filing your Bankruptcy. If they advise you and something goes wrong, it would be too late to remedy to your situation or save your assets from a sale ordered by the Bankruptcy Court.

Orange County Tax Lawyer - You Can Discharge Tax Debt In Bankruptcy

It is a common misconception that taxes are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy discharge of tax debt can be a powerful tool for the tax attorney who can distinguish dischargeable from non dischargeable taxes and who knows the applicable rules.

Choosing the right tax and bankrutpcy attorney should be done carefuly as the practitioners who fail to apply the right rules of tax dischargeability may leave their client with a big burden of tax debt that might otherwise have been discharged.

Moore and Affiliates, PLC is a law firm located in Orange County, California and serves Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County.

Mr. Moore holds an LLM in taxation form Boston University and has been dealing with tax and bankruptcy issues for over 22 years. He helped over hunderds of clients through their bankrutpcy and has been credited for his reputation of a strong negotiator with both the IRS officers and the Bankrutpcy Trustees.

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